Vice Presidential Thongs and other Tacky Presidential Crap

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We live in a wonderful age for presidential politics. Ballots can be counted quickly, in the Internet helps spread nasty rumors or unflattering truths, and best of all, people can make and sell their own unauthorized candidate products. Let's start with Sarah Palin VPILF shirts.

Perhaps you remember the MILF, a mother attractive enough to arouse her children's friends. Now at least one Web site is selling these shirts, once again marginalizing the accomplishments of an empowered woman and turning her from serious VP candidate into a sex object. I can just hear the misogynists now, 'What's so bad about this?! It's a compliment that I'd like to have sex with her, duh.'


And if you want to keep your sexualized idea of the VP a little more private, there's the Vice Presidential thong. Made from sturdy cotton, these skivvies won't give under the pressure of probing a VP candidate's past.


The pun-lover won't be left of the goodies either. A store linked directly to McCain's Web site (though not benefiting the candidate) sells these horrible shirts that try just too hard to tie McCain to America. God bless AmeriMcCain!


Finally, babies are increasingly becoming little drooling billboards for their parent's political ideas. That trend gets a little pervy with these rompers that declare the baby thinks Palin is hotter than Joe Biden. Why is the baby even thinking about hotness at such young age? And isn't McCain running an ad claiming (falsely) that Obama wanted to give kindergarten students sex ed?


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