TRACES WWII Museum closes soon

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When thinking of those affected by the recession, museums might not be the first thing that jumps to mind. However, museum are often hit hard in economically depressed times as well. Citing lack of funds in hard times financially, on November 9th, TRACES Center for History and Culture closes its doors for good.

For those that have never been to the museum located in the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul, TRACES documents the Midwest experience during World War II, from Holocaust survivors who found refuge in Minnesota, to POWs from both axis and ally sides, and German–American citizens who were forced into intern camps at the height of U.S. paranoia. The museum is the only of its kind.

At noon on Thursday, November 6, Executive Director Michael Luick-Thrams will lead a public tour of the museum, and talk about the TRACES project itself. Though the museum will be closing, their website will continue to be available as a resource, and plans to tour the museum’s travelling exhibit, the BUS-seum through the Midwest and eventually to Germany continue.

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