Chambers' Ice Bar thrills with a chill

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Doors wide open and a starless sky above, the Chambers Hotel Ice Bar grand opening was a crowded soiree of black pea coats and rosy cheeks. Heaters were scattered about the front half of the patio, sandwiched between the two bars, DJ and private lounge tents, causing the bulk of the crowd to rub elbows and backsides with other heavily clothed strangers. A large fire pit of rocks and flames offered not only heat but a nice glow on the little bit of skin left exposed.


Overall, the Ice Bar itself wasn't near as impressive as I had hoped. Columns dripping slightly on my toes, the bar's shelving was even wetting the computers. Ice booths and tables surrounded the bar, but few sat still while trying to keep limbs warm.

While a plethora of stylish coats and mittens were in attendance, the sea of bulk black attire meant no one in particular stood out for excellent style. Mostly experienced Minnesotans in the crowd seemed appropriately dressed for the chilled air. I, on the other hand, came ill prepared, wearing a pair of peep toe heels. I quickly discovered the absence of feet heaters and therefore was left with no choice but to prop my feet up on the fire pit's ledge. While I only received a few strange glances from people opposite the blaze, my frozen toes were an excuse for conversation with the otherwise silent men standing nearby. Ten minutes later, I saw another woman put her boots up to the fire and I no longer felt like such a rookie.


Greygoose Vodka sponsored the event and the staff of female-only bartenders were definitely pushing their $11 specialty martinis named things like, "Jinx's Juicy Conditions", "Bibi Dahl's For Your Eyes Only" and "Cosmo Chill." Being that it was a friend's birthday, the sexy Eskimo behind the bar offered us each a Jello-shot "on her" (as in, gratis, get your mind out of the gutter). Not only do the ladies making drinks wear boots with fur and short white skirts, this particular dame's name is Kissy-- hello fantasy for the three straight men in attendance. We ordered a "Kissy Suzuki's You Only Live Twice", a special recipe by the woman herself, mixed with vodka, crème de menthe, crème de cocoa and Bailey's Irish Cream. Delicious and smooth, I only wish my budget would've allowed three more. 

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