Doomtree Blowout tickets on sale now

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The Doomtree Blowout, now entering its 3rd year in the First Avenue Mainroom, would be a deal at twice the price. Our hardest working and most functional hip-hop collective in town has put their tickets on the market for a scant $10.00. Buying early is well advised-- this thing has been selling out like Tony Hawk (nyuk nyuk). Wherever you live in the metro area, an outlet shouldn't be too far away:

Fifth Element
Roadrunner Records
Down In The Valley (Golden Valley, Crystal and Maplewood)
Discland (Bloomington)

This year's Blowout promises to be even more rewarding-- a DVD, which includes 2 hours of Doomtree footage, including the 2006 Blowout in its entirety, will be available at the show.

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