Variety Fashion Show: Diverse bodies, music, performances

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Backstage in the dressing room at the Fine Line for Variety Fashion show, models and stylists were buzzing about. Some frantically changing, some getting make-up airbrushed on with stencils and tape, some relaxing on couches, updating their Facebook status on their Blackberries. All and all, everyone was gettin' it done.

The show was presented by Melanie Ree, a local fashion designer who seems to understand the underworld of the fashion and music scene here in Minneapolis. She put on two lines -- Seamstrix and Le Fleurs Du Mai -- along with eight other local clothing artists, some of which included Max Lohrback, Anita Jensen, and Brittany Hughes.  The make-up and hair varied from simple and sweet to something out of a Mad Max movie or Blade Runner.  


The craftsmanship of the corsets in the Le Fleurs Du Mai line was almost shocking, knowing that this multifaceted girl seemed to have made these two lines in under a month of time.  From the other designers, there was even a lingerie line on "real bodied" models, which was a pleasant surprise to most of the crowd, and the highlight of the show was when art studio owner and sculptor Brant Kingman went onstage clad in heavy handmade armor along with his circus troop of models. It was hard to keep your eyes of their gyrating hoola-hooping
 and twirling glowsticks. These people were literally on fire.

 Also performing in this "variety" show were four local bands that played on stage between segments:  All The Pretty Horses, Dark Dark Dark, River Bottom Suckerfish, and International Espionage.  I couldn't have imagined a better way to recover from too much tofurkey and family on this Thanksgiving weekend. Can't wait until next time.

-- Mackenzie Labine

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