Kevin Costner and Modern West tonight at the Cabooze

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Kevin Costner has a band. You just can't make it up, folks.

Tonight in the Twin Cities finds Jewel (performing at Mystic Lake) and Kevin Costner (performing with his band Modern West at the Cabooze) in a duel to the death for dubious honors. Bohemian songstress-turned-sexless pop star or disgraced former filmmaker dead-bouncing in a country-themed vanity project? The possibilities for this Tuesday night are endless.

Costner's entire career is a series of many truths untold, so it's fitting that his debut album with Modern West, would be called Untold Truths. Astonishingly, Costner's first full length has achieved remarkable commercial success, reaching 75 on the Billboard Country Music charts.

To mention its critical returns would be an unconscionable and inhospitable gesture to the star of Swing Vote, as would a repost of the video for his album's debut single, "Superman 14."

So, to decrease any embarrassment for the Hollywood basement dweller, please enjoy this clip from Costner's 1996 rom-com vehicle Tin Cup (which, to further protect Costner, is being presented here in the German). Bon appetit!

Tuesday, January 27. 8:00 P.M. $25.00. Cabooze, 917 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis.

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