Jan. 6, 2009: Mates of State, Swingin' Utters & Animal Collective

Categories: Gimme Noise

Twin Cities News:
-- Star Tribune profiles Janey Winterbauer and Marc Perlman.
-- Culture Bully has a photo set from Saturday's Turf Club show featuring Vampire Hands, The Blind Shake and Birthday Suits.
The Blind Shake "Calling All Horses" (mp3)
The Blind Shake "Midnight Scream" (mp3)
-- Mates of State and Black Kids will play the Varsity in April.
Mates of State "My Only Offer" (mp3)
Mates of State "Think Long" (mp3)
Mates of State "Fraud in the '80s" (mp3)
-- Swingin' Utters will play the Triple Rock in March.
Swingin' Utters "Pills & Smoke" (mp3)
Swingin' Utters "Five Lessons Learned" (mp3)
Swingin' Utters "Glad" (mp3)
-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: Q and A with Doomtree's Dessa.

Local Concert Highlights:
-- Old Panther, Limeshack & Red and White Jesus @ Uptown Bar
Old Panther: (MySpace)
Limeshack: (MySpace)
-- Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion (listening party) @ Electric Fetus
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Calexico "Absent Afternoon" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- Deleted Scenes "Turn into Sand" (mp3)
-- Deleted Scenes "Fake IDs" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Ladyfinger "Little Things" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)
-- Padre Pio "Madeline" (mp3)
-- Padre Pio "High Fives" (mp3)
-- Padre Pio "Common Day" (mp3)
-- Röysopp "Happy Birthday" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- The Slit "No Twig" (mp3)
-- Tenaka "EPonymously Titled EP" (album zip)
-- Barbara Trenalange "Fever" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace)

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