DD/MM/YYYY tonight at the Triple Rock

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Aside from their mildly annoying moniker (seriously, bands, has every possible name been snatched up? Must we resort to acronyms and punctuation?), Toronto's DD/MM/YYYY, pronounced "Day Month Year," should fit in nicely with tonight's bill of local freak-rockers. Their herky-jerky style of electronic, hyper indie rock will be a welcome hump day pick-me-up. And if they get bored backstage, they can spend their time comparing notes with fellow frenetic pop weirdos Marvelle, a spastic electric violin-fronted band who should provide a good warm-up to DD/MM/YYYY's unique and giddy sound. 

DD/MM/YYYY will be playing tonight wth the Central Division and Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles. 21+. $5/$8 at the door. 9 p.m. 629 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399

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