Feb. 4, 2009: Concert announcements from the Kills, Franz Ferdinand, Dr. Dog & Travis

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Twin Cities News:
-- The Kills, The Horrors and Magic Wands will play First Avenue May 11.
-- Mark Olson and Gary Louris play intimate show at the Current. Rolling Stone gives the duo's Ready For the Flood 3/5 stars.
-- Radio K has posted studio performances from Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps & Paul Metzger.
-- Franz Ferdinand will play First Avenue April 28.
-- Decider looks back on P.O.S.' 2004 release, Ipecac Neat. Alarm, Vinyl Meltdown and the Onion's A.V. Club review Never Better. P.O.S. also performed for the Current recently.
-- Bob Mould Reflects on His 'Life and Times.'
-- Dr. Dog and the Cave Singers will play the 400 Bar April 11.
-- Culture Bully features a photoset of Yeltzi, Eliza Blue & Frank Lee @ 331 Club.
-- Travis will play the Fine Line Music Cafe April 17.

Local Concert Highlights:
-- The Vignettes, Toxic Shrews, Small White & Burger Thirst @ Big V's
The Vignettes: (MySpace)
Small White: (MySpace)
-- The Wars of 1812 @ Red Stag
The Wars of 1812: (Official) (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Black Dice "Glazin" (mp3)
-- DAT Politics "Step Back (AM/FM mix)" (mp3)
-- Faunts "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of" (mp3)
-- Faunts "It Hurts Me All The Time" (mp3)
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- Francis and the Lights "Striking" (mp3)
-- Francis and the Lights "Night Watchman" (mp3)
-- Midnight Masses "Heaven" (mp3)
-- Stina Stjern "The Horizon" (mp3)

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