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FFN Male Model.jpg
Photo by Erin Nicole Johnson

It was "America's Next Top Model" live in the ring and the only thing missing was loudmouth Tyra herself. Fashion Fight Night III put on the gloves for the third time around Saturday night at the Uppercut Boxing Studio in NE, once again selling out weeks in advance. The fashion frenzy was hosted by Metro Magazine and included an evening of three fashion 'fights' -- a showdown between competing models, photographers and stylists. No actual punches were thrown between the ropes, but a walk around the room could earn enough intimidating looks to force a lady to put up her dukes.
FFN yellow.jpg
Photo by Erin Nicole Johnson

The crowd was filled with hot little dresses and lots of brave ladies facing the extreme cold with bare legs while the men donned flashy ties and well groomed hair. Photographers from this and that were left and right; if you looked even sorta hot, a member of the polite Minnesota paparazzi would ask to snap your clique (I swear to God I saw Angelina Jolie or a gorgeous lookalike). The $50 ticket price got everyone free Bud and Bacardi Drinks, but standing room only.

FFN girl group.jpg

FFN boy hair.jpg

FFN makeup.jpg
Photos by Erin Nicole Johnson

Before the fights began, a color guard took the runway and the national anthem was sung by a prestigious lady in red. Judges for the fight included trendy to-dos and even Fox News' Robyne Robinson. Stick-skinny models with ridiculous hair and thick makeup took their places in the center of the ring, balancing on their stilettos and adjusting their uncomfortably fashionable clothing. The bold photographer swirled around, a trusty assistant holding the proper lighting gear in crisscross patterns. Stylists huddled in the corner, jumping up and down and cheering on their work of art.

FFN wedding.jpg
Photo by Erin Nicole Johnson

In prelude to each fight, the model's height/weight/dress size stats were read aloud, along with their photographer's name. Most models were size 2, giraffe tall and skinner than me in the womb.

FFN skirt.jpg

FFN boxer.jpg

In the ring, the model/photographer had three minutes for each round in which they are supposed to impress the judges with 1. originality, 2. versatility, 3. use of ring, 4. best photo.

FFN computer.jpg
Photos by Erin Nicole Johnson

DJ Millions Billions played booty-bass all evening, mixing in Kid Sister, beloved TLC, classic rock, M.I.A. and awesomeness all around.From hair-netted Princess Leia buns, to bright blue extensions, zipper-front wigs, horse mane hats, the hair styles were incredible to watch develop between rounds. Make-up was classic model, sometimes a sickly bright 80s or tribal electric, but always pretty on film.

FFN red couple.jpg

FFN red carpet.jpg
Photos by Erin Nicole Johnson

In between fights, local fashion shops were featured in a runway show, but nothing near as impressive as what happened in the ring. Fight number two was all about getting wild -- the male model bounced off the rope, flashing his hideous apparel and even jumping on a trampoline. The other ring (the blue ring) featured a diamond encrusted neck brace, a made-for-mummy cheesecloth dress, and one piece leather onesie.

FFN stripes.jpg

Fight number three was my ultimate favorite. The red ring had incredibly well thought-out themes for each round; the 20s mobster, complete with fedora and machine gun, the cigarette girl and the drunken newlyweds. The blue ring had a tiny five-foot-eight-inch model in skimpy black leather who looked like a more limber version of M.I.A. The third round offered a surprise addition to the ring; an identical twin!

While too many details to account in one review, the night was totally rad and a killer addition to our city's scene.

Check out more photos here by one of the winning photographers Eliesa of Photogen Inc.:

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