Delicious Live Music and Loud Dead Meat at Turf Club

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Live Music and Dead Meat was a perfect evening of gastronical experiements and local music treats at the Turf Club Wednesday night. The event was hosted by food, hunting and taxidermy blog, Stuffed Pheasant, and included game meat samples, wine tastings, a cooking lesson and four bands. This photo is a turkey-bacon-baguette made on a table, mid-bar. Salomanilla Summit anyone?

LMDM lumberjack.jpg
Lookbook bandmate Grant Cutler in plaid was diggin' the meat and thought the wine pairing was especially complimentary to the bison summer sausage.

LMDM table.jpg
The trays of Bison, Buffalo and Elk summer sausage was squirted with canned cheese and offered with butter crackers. It didn't look very appealing but the trays cleared out faster than any of those animals can run from danger.

LMDM fur coat.jpg
Fur coats were welcome at this meat and hunt-happy event; lots of dead minks, yet no one seemed to mind.

LMDM cheese.jpg
The crowd was quite a diverse selection of hipsters, fashionistas and local musicians. Suprisingly blaze orange was not the hot color of the evening.

LMDM hat.jpg
I won this hat in the drawing. Other giveaways included meat sticks, camping candles, a fishing rod, concert tickets and wild animal paintings.

LMDM lookbook.jpg
Lookbook performed third in the musical line-up. Guystorm, The Softrocks and Dante and the Lobster also played sets, ranging from grimy indie-rock to 80's karaoke.

LMDM Guystorm.jpg
The Guystorm was last to hit the stage with their hyper grunge guitars. The place was packed and the meat had been devowered. Vocalist Angelo V. Pennacchio admitted he himself doesn't eat meat.

LMDM cheese 2.jpg
After the summer sausage had been picked over, someone went overboard with the squirtable cheese product. People still ate it.
LMDM Nikki.jpg
The woman behind the Stuffed Phesant blog. Why did she start such a thing? "I wanted to start a music blog, but that's boring. So I started one about food, and added in hunting and taxidermy info."  Oh. Well, that makes sense.

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