Montreal's Handsome Furs pack the Entry

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A wild pair, husband and wife duo Handsome Furs sold out the Entry Thursday night and had no trouble entertaining the sardine-packed crowd. She kicked and posed like a hipster on ice, one leg in the air behind her, hands pushing buttons on the loud machines. He rocked solos, strumming the melodies everyone in the room knew by heart, shaking his head violently and shifting his weight. Raw guitar mixed with simple, yet carefully orchestrated synth sounds as the Handsome Furs pounded out the tracks from their latest release, Face Control.

The newlyweds were obviously smitten, flirting between songs and in general, just enjoying one another's company on stage. Bare feet stomping, Alexei Perry was hard not to watch in her adorable high wasted shorts (complete with heart shaped pockets), dangling Mardi Gras necklaces and bright blue eyeshadow.
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Drunk people always have the good ideas: after only a couple songs Miss Kate here thought she should get onstage and show everyone her moves. She also kissed Perry on the cheek mid-song. The couple shrugged it off and thanked her for such outstanding enthusiasm.
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Dan Boeckner's guitar work and vocals were stellar. The solo during "I'm Confused" was a favorite and a close comparison to a train's screeching halt on the tracks. The drum machine was surprisingly complimentary to the group's music, but one couldn't help feel like something was missing from the overall production of sound. While Boeckner belted out melodies and ripped through chords, his partner in crime only appeared to be tapping one button at a time and instead, spending most of her energy kicking and hopping.
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The Handsome Furs were totally cool, chatting with the crowd about their love for the Twin Cities. The couple apparently spent their honeymoon in Minneapolis. They finished up their show with a shared cigarette and a two-song encore, one of which was a new, super bassy jem. Overall these Candians proved their good looks.

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