Kill the Vultures release new album (MP3 download)

Categories: Local Music
Kill the Vultures MC Crescent Moon was kind enough to send over a preview of their forthcoming album, Ecce Beast, which will be released next Friday, April 10 at the Triple Rock. Judging from the new track, Ecce Beast will feature more of the eclectic, jazzy hip-hop vignettes that made last year's EP, Midnight Pine, so intriguing. And if I'm reading the credit correctly, the dark cover art for the new album was designed by local artist and musician Michael Gaughan. Click on the link below to download "14th St. Ritual" off the new album.

mp3: Kill the Vultures, "14th St. Ritual"

Kill the Vultures will play a CD-release show on April 10 with Mel Gibson and the Pants, Mike Mictlan, and Mike the 2600 King. See the flyer below for all the details, designed by David Witt.


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