Slideshows: Sage Francis, Information Society, and Too Much Love

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Sage Francis headlined the Main Room at First Ave on Friday night, with locals Building Better Bombs (led by Stef Alexander, aka P.O.S.), Dessa, and the God Damn Doo Wop Band. Check out the full slideshow by Dan Corrigan, and see if you can spot the creepy blue clown in the crowd.

Just how many people can we fit into the City Pages photo booth at First Avenue's Too Much Love dance night? Photographer Denis Jeong Plaster set out to answer that question Saturday night, as he crammed a whopping 13 people into the shot above. Is this a Too Much Love record? Check out the full slideshow by Denis to see all of his photos from Saturday's party.

Across town at the Varsity Theater, Steve Cohen was on hand to catch a show from '80s and '90s rockers Information Society. Though the band was most active a decade ago, they reformed the group in 2006 and the revived lineup of Information Society have played sporadically ever since. Click on the slideshow to see all of Steve's photos from Saturday night's show.

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