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 Last time we saw New York City's own Junior Sanchez, he played us his remix of Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl' before the track had even hit shelves -- he's just that early. But despite being one of the world's most lauded remixer/DJs, he's not one of those jocks who just plays the newest stuff. That's why we thought he'd be perfect to come headline our CityPages.com 80's/90's dance party, Timewarp, as his skills behind the decks span many decades and genres.

Junior spends most of his time when he's not traveling to gigs across the world running his new label in New York, Brobot, which he started with (among others) Bryce Wilson of Mantronix and Groove Theory fame. And Brobot is not your typical label run by a dance music guy, one that's full of shut-in electronic producers who only know their way around an MPC. It's actually a label of pop and rap artists including Solomon, The Retro Kidz (produced by Junior's best friend, Armand Van Helden - video here), and amazing new vocalist, Franchesca (hear Junior's remix of "Luv Sux" here. It gives Christina a run for her money).  So being the busy guy he is, especially preparing for his set on Saturday night at the Loft, we sneaked a New York minute with Junior before he jets off to Chicago and then Minneapolis this weekend....

GN: So many DJs just care about playing the newest stuff before it's out on shelves or on the Internet -- what do you think it'll be like to play a set of music that all came out before 1999? 

I think it will be a fun time -- I love playing eclectic sets anyway. I'm the type of DJ that likes to surprise myself every time I play. I'm like, 'Oh shit, did I just play that?' 

Brobot on a video shoot. L to R: Bryce Wilson, Aahmek Richards, Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. Paris Hilton. Junior Sanchez, Joel Madden, Vashtie 

GN: You started a label last year called Brobot, signing acts such as Retro Kids (produced by Armand Van Helden) and Alexander Technique, etc. How's that venture been for you?

Brobot is a great venture; it was started with myself, Bryce Wilson of Groove Theory fame, and video producer Aahmek Richards. We're in the middle of getting our distribution deal together, but our artists are amazing: Retro Kids, Franchesca, Sophie Green, Soloman, etc. 09' is def the year of the Brobot! 

GN: You are very stylish, Junior. How did you get that way? 

I consider fashion art -- be it painting, sculpture, film, writing -- all go hand in hand. One cannot breathe or flourish and evolve without the other, so I guess it comes naturally just to be in touch with those things in particular. 

GN: We hear it's your birthday on Monday. What will you do to celebrate? 

It is!! I'll be celebrating with a MPLS SOUND!! It's gonna be killer.

GN: We want a free mix, OK?

OK. Dig in here.



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