Bon Iver's Justin Vernon joins Sarah Siskind at the Cedar

If you are a fan of Bon Iver, then chances are you are already familiar with Nashville songwriter Sarah Siskind, though you may not even know it. At many of his shows last year, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon would end the set with a cover of Sarah's song "Lovin's for Fools," inviting his band to join him around one microphone for an a capella, mesmerizing version of the heartbreaking tune. 

Siskind played the Cedar Cultural Center last Saturday night, opening for Bill Frisell, and naturally her set included "Lovin's for Fools." As a surprise, she asked a friend to join her for the song, and Vernon hopped up on stage to sing the song as a duet, with Frisell joining in on guitar. The result is really quite lovely, and a treat for fans of any of the talented artists.

Thanks to Kyle from MoreCowbell for passing this along.

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