Junior Boys make synth magic at First Ave

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Glory be to the synth in the hands of the Junior Boys. The electronic geniuses made a stop at First Ave Friday night, just days before their new album's release in the U.S. The Canadian threesome pleased the crowd with their latest beat happy tracks, mixing in a fair amount of fan favorites and keeping things totally chill onstage and off. Arms waved and pumped to hyper sonic melodies, while the more seductive songs inspired a hip head bob in appreciation of the wonder boys themselves.
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The show started off on a bad mic set-up: no sound hit the speakers when Jeremy Greenspan let out vocals to the opening track, "Hazel." The crowd pleaded for about two minutes until sound guys were sent to trouble shoot the problem. Another five minutes later and Greenspan hopped back on the mic with a smirk, commenting, "psych!" before playing the first note.
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He may not be on the cover of GQ or get a hot hipster's second glance, but when Greenspan opens his mouth, cold, electric sex ejaculates all over the speakers. Totally dreamy, I was curiously attracted to the music nerd. His other half, Matt Didemus, was a little too stoic for my taste, but his music engineering sounded completely flawless and pictureesque.
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The front row of adoring fans were decorated with black x's and the drunk girls behind them danced so hard that their beer bottles slipped right out of their hands and shattered straight into my tights. Pleasant. The Junior Boys soothed away my bleeding sorrows with songs from their 2006 release So This is Goodbye, including "Equalizer," "Double Shadow," and a personal favorite, "In the Morning."
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The band's drummer wore a Metallica t-shirt under his leather jacket and totally rocked out with his floppy head of hair. There were no obnoxious lights flashing or special effects, just good-natured snyth and cooing vocals. Sometimes people clapped along with Greenspan and other times people just took the opportunity to shake their midwest-hips.
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These are Didemus' shoes. I thought they were cute; tapping along to the beats as he busily walked back and forth, keeping tab on beats and those unforgettable Junior Boys' details.

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