Steve Foley to be remembered during Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions

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Steve Foley (second from left) and the Snaps, 2007. Photo by Steve Cohen.

Those who tune in tomorrow night to watch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony might recognize a familiar face, albeit for a very sad reason. Drummer Steve Foley, who passed away last year, will have his photograph displayed in a slideshow during the memorial segment of the program. Foley, best known as the final drummer for the Replacements, also contributed his skills to numerous local bands including Curtiss A, Wheelo, and, most recently, the Snaps. He was loved by many in the local scene.
From the press release:
Steve will be among those remembered at the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum induction ceremonies this weekend when his photo and those of others who died in the last year will featured during a special memorial segment of the program.

As his sister Colleen noted in an email to the organization: "We're all very touched that Steve will be mentioned in such a wonderful forum, despite the unfortunate circumstances. He will be thrilled."
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction will air Saturday night, April 4 at 8 p.m. on (channel 148 for Twin Cities Comcast users, 339 for DirecTV, and 158 for DISH).

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