Art-a-Whirl checklist: Gay Witch Abortion, Skoal Kodiak, and Private Dancer

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Skoal Kodiak will play outside at the 331 Club on Saturday.

Ah, Art-a-Whirl. That yearly weekend art fest that turns Northeast Minneapolis into a who's who and what's what of art and music.

You'll still find the hand made jewelry, the photographer's self-portraits, and the non-representational color canvases cluttering dozens upon dozens of galleries in Nordeast. But, over the years, the festival has demonstrated increasing musical relevance too.

We're still curating the best and brightest of this year's festival, and will be adding to this list over the next 24 hours. But here's a good primer to get you started.


Safe House Boat, docked behind the Sample Room

Gay Witch Abortion

Knife World

(Yes, they're performing on a free floating raft. No, you can't get on. Yes, they will drift down the river.)

7:00 P.M. Free. All ages.2124 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis; 612.789.0333.

331 Club

France Has the Bomb
Daughters of the Sun

21+. 9:00 P.M. 331 Club, 331 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis; 612.331.1746.


Grumpy's Northeast

Guzzard (long awaited reunion show)
Gay Witch Abortion
Awesome Snakes
Bastard Saint
Bitter Spills (Rich Mattson & Baby Grant Johnson)
Best Bitch In Show (feat. Bernie the Trailer Park Queen)
Beaver (Former members of Ear Candy)
Lady Hard On
Fiero (former members of Crosswalk Hero)
Little Irvy

21+. 1:00 P.M. Grumpy's North East, 2200 4th Street NE, Minneapolis; 612.789.7429.

331 Club


Skoal Kodiak
Mystery Palace
Communist Daughter
One for the Team
Jeremy Messersmith
Roe Family Singers


Luther the Devil
All the Pretty Horses

21+. Noon. 331 Club, 331 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis; 612.331.1746.

The Modern Cafe (parking lot)

Private Dancer
Special Guest (to be revealed when confirmation reaches us)

The Modern Cafe, 337 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis; 612.378.9882.

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