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It's time once again to slather on some glittery eye makeup, slick back your hair, and practice the lyrics to your favorite Bowie songs. The sixth annual installment of Rock for Pussy, one of the Twin Cities' finest tribute shows, will take place Friday, May 22 at First Avenue. Proceeds from the Bowie tribute will go to the Minnesota Valley Humane Society cat shelters.

Curated by 89.3 the Current's afternoon host Mary Lucia, Rock for Pussy has developed over the past few years into an all-star night of surprises. The list of participants seems to get longer each year; here's a rundown of this year's (scheduled) performers:
House band of Glam musical savants including John Eller, Janey Winterbauer, Tommy Alsides, Chris Pericelli, Steve Price, Leslie Ball, Noah Levy, Dave Russ, Max Ray, Cory Eischen, Michelle Massey, Randy Casey and more.

Special sexy guest singers including Jeremy Messersmith, Jim Walsh, Chris Pavlich, Venus and All The Pretty Horses, Matt Coffee, Ciaran Daly, David Campbell, Liam Watkins, Lori Barbero, Marc Perlman, George Mckelvey, Laurie Lindeen, Chris Lynch, and more!
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

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