Cliche celebrates five years in fashion

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Five years ago, Minneapolis fashion was a lost puppy -- but thanks to a little boutique that could, local style standards have been raised. Cliche is owned by hip husband and wife Josh and Delayna Sundberg, and their store is packed with gorgeous ways to decorate your body. Last night the boutique celebrated their anniversary with the "5ive Years of Love" runway show, featuring a long list of local designers, each with five designs that made the lady-dominated crowd drool. The evening was full of summer dresses, perfect for a naughty night on the town to a sweet Sunday brunch and every adventure in between.

Niki Designs.JPG
Niki Designs + Handbags. Accessories: Niki English
Lots of pleats and a few sexy back zips.

Carmichael Claith.JPG
Carmichael Claith. Accessories: Tea Tree Designs
Form fitting dresses with a poof and frosted fabrics.

Maritza Ramirez.JPG
Maritza Ramirez. Accessories: Tea Tree Designs
Feminine yet crisp in lines of gray, white and black.

Red Shoe Clothing Company.JPG
Red Shoe Clothing Company. Accessories: Andrea Oseland
Retro-inspired (swim)wear, girly animal patterns and lots of leg.

kjurek couture. Accessories: Adrienne Grahn
Breezy, rich-colored dresses with luscious cowl necks and hoods.

Ivan Idland.JPG
Ivan Idland. Accessories Karin Jacobson Design
Chunky, eye catching patterns and full skirts.

Jenny Carle.JPG
Jenny Carle. Accessories: Timmi and Zoby
Short, flirty attire perfect for a summer day.

Amanda Christine.JPG
Amanda Christine. Accessories Kula
Sophisticated looks from sheer fabrics.

Rose White.JPG
Rose White. Accessories: Kula + Adrienne Grahn
Retro high waists with hints of '60s glam.

Kelson. Accessories: Imelda
Feminine prints with flattering accents.

Renate Adjei.JPG
Renate Adjei. Accessories: Imelda
Lots of flirty ruffles and pleats.

Peloria. Accessories: Toybox + Zoby
Dresses and separates with textured solids and perfect pockets.

Sydney Ilten.JPG
Sydney Ilten. Accessories: Syd + Timmi
Lots of zippers and classic styles with sass.

Kathryn Sterner.JPG
Kathryn Sterner. Accessories: Andrea Oseland
Recycled fabrics with lots of 90's floral prints.

Emily Weich.JPG
Emily Weich. Accessories: Karin Jacobson Design
Free flowing spring gowns in a bright, glowing hue.

Cliche. Accessories: Infraredstudio
Hair Accessories: Emily and Laura
Stark lacey whites with party hats.

And my personal favorite audience member: Char, the proud grandmother of a model.



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