Maria Isa CD-release show tonight at First Ave

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When Maria Isa performed at this year's Voltage: Fashion Amplified show, even an ill-fitting custom-made dress couldn't interfere with her sexy confidence. Whether dressed in a tracksuit or hiked up in heels, Isa embodies a kind of sultry coolness that demands reverence--this woman has something to say, and damn right she's not afraid to say it. Check out this recent video of Isa performing in the Current's studio for proof:

Tonight at First Avenue, Isa will celebrate the release of her latest album, Street Politics, which finds her embracing her Puerto Rican roots while paying homage to the local hip-hop scene that has cultivated her blossoming, impressive career. Culling sounds as diverse as R&B, bomba, and reggaeton in an overarching hip-hop style, Isa stands apart as a culturally and politically aware phenom and a unique voice in the multi-faceted local scene.

Maria Isa will play tonight with Muja Messiah, Dance Band, I Self Devine, Mayda, Kill the Vultures, and more. Here's the flyer:


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