August 21, 2009: Chester French & Eyedea

Categories: Gimme Noise

Twin Cities News:
-- ATF has photos of Chester French at the Xcel.
-- "Eyedea & Abilities: Hands On 'By The Throat' Vinyl Album."
-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: 5 Questions with Brother Ali as 'Us' approaches, Mischke Mix: Thursday, August 20 & Moongoons interview: The Honeymoon is over.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Dream Theater @ Orpheum Theatre
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- Now, Now Every Children

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- E-603 "Lights Out" (mp3)
-- Enlou "Easing Out" (mp3)
-- Grand Archives "Oslo Novelist" (mp3)
-- The New Up "Bitch" (mp3)

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