Moongoons interview: The Honeymoon is over

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Josh Clancy of the Moongoons
An odd thing happened in 2007, and I can personally attest to this being someone who left in 2006 and came back at the height of this bizzaro renaissance: Minneapolis got fun. I'm not talking the kind of fun where you go see your favorite shoegaze band at First Avenue and come away feeling less depressed. No, we're talking do-the-Roger-Rabbit-on-the-dancefloor-in-gold-spandex-leggings kind of fun. And who do we have to thank (or blame, depending on your perspective) for this explosion of fashiony dance parties and reckless dancefloor abandon? The 18-and-up crowd.  It's not a coincidence that it's this age group the city wants to tame.   At the epicenter of this colorful (and let's face it, sometimes obnoxious) crowd are The Moongoons: Josh Clancy and Jonathan Ackerman. The promoter/DJ duo has taken the theme party concept and bent it over backwards with their monthly Honeymoon party in the VIP lounge, which are coming to a spastic end this Friday night. Confused and bewildered, we went looking for answers, not yet ready to toss our sunglasses with the lenses poked out.

GN: The Honeymoon is over, huh? Obvious question: Why?

Jonathan Ackerman: We love First Avenue and we love Honeymoon. This month is our two-year anniversary and we thought we would end it on a high note. We want to focus our attention on more unique one-off events that could happen every month or every three months. We also want the ability to fit a venue to the talent versus fitting talent to a venue, which really means that if we want to do a crazy headliner megablowout show we can, or we can do an intimate show with a band we are really psyched on.

Josh Clancy: Our Honeymoon party has been going strong for two years now so we'll just leave it at that. As Jonathan mentioned, we want to start doing more unique events in different locations that cater to our ideas. Beach parties, cook out parties, cook IN parties, warehouse parties, etc. We want to work with bands and not just DJs. We want to help be apart of great events as promoters and be involved with making cool things happen in this city... whether it's a dance party or not.  There are so many dance nights right now. It seems like everyone in this city has their own night with their own little gimmick and I really think people are getting tired of it all. It feels too saturated. Let's offer the people something different! 

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