Playdate comes to Minneapolis to 'redefine nightlife'

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A national movement focused on redefining nightlife has finally come to the Twin Cities, and just in time. "Playdate" gives young adults an option aside from clubbing, a welcome change considering the local nightlife that's been even more limited after the recent closing of clubs like Visage, Trocaderos, Axis, Element, and Bellanote.
Photo by B Fresh Photography
At Playdate, mingling, networking, relaxing and having fun over an adult version of childhood favorite games like Twister, Jenga, musical chairs and Simon Says gets people to interact and talk rather than have to yell over loud music to be heard. And it's not just for young singles -- at Playdate's opener in Minneapolis,. there were adults in attendance from ages 21 to 60.

Photo by B Fresh Photography
By filling chairs with hot singles and Simon announcing 'Drop it like it's hot,' a night on the town becomes something entirely unexpected. 

Photo by B Fresh Photography
If your style is a bit more competitive, impress all of the ladies with your Wii bowling skills or resurrect your hula hoop talent to woo the gentleman.  Either way, you won't regret skipping a night of barhopping just once.

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