Slideshows: Lusurfer, Sneaker Pimps, and Glamorama

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We had our photographers out in full force last weekend covering everything from a Satanic surf-rock band at the Uptown to a glamorous fashion show and concert at the Orpheum. A glance through our slideshows from the weekend shows just how versatile the music scene in Minneapolis can be. Start here, with Steve Cohen's slideshow of the Lusurfer CD-release at the Uptown Bar.


Next, head over to the Sneaker Pimps slideshow for photos of Clipse, Parallax, and Muja Messiah, along with shots of the hundreds of pairs of shoes that were on display at this unique show. Photos by B Fresh Photography.

And finally, check out our photos from Children's Cancer Research fundraiser Glamorama, which was part-fashion, part-concert. Photos by Emily Utne.

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