Heidi Newfield and Hot Roxx to cover the best and worst of country


Shout-outs ain't only for hip-hop and all-staff meetings at work. "I'd like to give a shout-out to Annie, in Purchasing, for creating a new spreadsheet detailing paper product prices."

Hollerin' at your homeys. Sayin' howdy to your peeps.

Pardon me, pardners, let's forget I said either of those things. That was really dumb. Anyway, the notion of making mention of your comrades has been a part of country music for as long as folks have been singing about their dogs and pickup trucks.

Hank Jr.jpg
Photo courtesy of myspace.com/hankwilliamsjr
Hank Williams, Jr.

Waylon Jennings laments the state of the Nashville scene when he wonders if Hank done it this way and Alan Jackson checks to see if Hank's turning over in his grave in "Midnight in Montgomery." Hank Williams, Jr. laments that George Jones is getting straight, Waylon's staying in and Kris Kristofferson's moved off to LA to become an actor in "All my Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)." David Allan Coe recognizes his contemporaries Waylon, Merle and Charlie Pride when lamenting the fact that his lady never calls him by his name.

Heidi Newfield
Photo courtesy of myspace.com/heidinewfield
Heidi Newfield

You can catch this past year's biggest country shout-out at the Cabooze tonight where Heidi Newfield will likely perform her hit "Johnny and June," a song in which she longs for a relationship the likes of which was experienced by these two.

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
Photo courtesy of myspace.com/johnnycash
Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

Sure, one begun with an extra-marital affair with a few drug and alcohol abuse highlights. I s'pose I can get behind that. They were a romantic pair, no doubt, and you'll hear Newfield tell of this romance (and if her performance matches the one I caught at the county fair in August, also her previous hit with the now-defunct band Trick Pony, a cover of Bonnie Tyler's "It's a Heartache"), $18/22, 8:00 door.

If you prefer your country old and on the cheap, come holler at me tonight at Clubhouse Jäger where I'll be guest DJing with Hot Roxx, which has for the evening temporarily changed its tagline at my honky behest to "The best and worst of '70s country and beyond." I'll be playing a little Tammy. A little Loretta. And a little Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell back-to-back in honor of their special love--the one in which he knocked her pretty li'l teeth out. Shoot. Maybe Heidi Newfield will help me write a song about that one. We'll be down there around 10 and until close. I'm bustin' out my Gene Autry knock-offs for the occasion.

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