David Hasselhoff: The 10 most memorable moments

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We admire his curly hair, his broad shoulders, and his deep, manly voice. But most of all, we admire his success despite any shred of talent, as well as his ability to persevere through the thick cloud of severe alcoholism. The Black Forest Inn also appreciates America's Lifeguard; they're having a whole night devoted to his Hoffness tonight, complete with Hasselhoff-themed prizes and decorations. To help them celebrate, we've compiled a list of the 10 most memorable Hasselhoff moments.

10. The Hoff covering "Hooked On A Feeling"
More than anything, this video showcases Hasselhoff's fascination with holographic cubes, bull elephants, and his affection for those "Be In Your Own Music Video" kiosks that clutter up mall concourses everywhere.

9. Hasselhoff makes a horrifically Shatneresque turn on America's Got Talent with "This Is The Moment"
Unlike the self-consciously silly  "Hooked on a Feeling, in this performance the self-importance roils off the German Giant like bad cologne. If you can make it through the whole thing without gagging, we're impressed.

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