Friday night at the movies: The Damned United, Good Hair & more

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Your best bets on the big screen this weekend.


THE DAMNED UNITED: You don't necessarily have to like soccer to like this film about the friendship between an egomaniacal, small-town British football coach and his assistant who turned a third-rate soccer team into division champs, then got a shot at the big-time that strained their relationship. (Uptown Theatre)
City Pages: "A terrific film... A movie about soccer that doesn't spend a lot of time on the field, The Damned United, is an intimate character study, one that is enriched by a stellar ensemble of British pros."
Star Tribune: 3 stars Pioneer Press: 1 star 91% positive

GOOD HAIR: Chris Rock got the idea for this entertaining documentary when one of his two young daughters plaintively asked, "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?" Rock takes his cameras to black beauty salons, a hairdressing competiton, and even to India, where women sell their hair to be used in expensive weaves in the U.S., all in an effort to explore the attitudes of black women toward their hair. (area theaters)
City Pages: "Rock is certainly a sympathetic and curious observer, though gender politics remain vigorously unexamined in this breezy, superficial doc."
Star Tribune: 3 stars Pioneer Press: 3.5 stars 94% positive

THE HORSE BOY: Other reviewers were much kinder than City Pages to this film about a 6-year-old autistic boy whose tantrums are oddly calmed by contact with horses. The boy's parents try a radical therapy: taking their son on a riding tour of Outer Mongolia to consult tribal shamans in the hope of untangling his mental blocks. (Lagoon Cinema)
City Pages: "The Horse Boy may excuse itself as a 'raising awareness' tract on autism, but the exotic travelogue isn't a practical care option for most cases, and it certainly isn't worthy cinema."
Star Tribune: 3.5 stars Pioneer Press: 3 stars 87% positive

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