Har Mar Superstar brings "Tall Boy" to Late Night

Categories: Television

Har Mar Superstar made an unusually clothed (as in, he actually had clothes on) appearance last night when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon hosted a performance of "Tall Boy," the first single from the new album Dark Touches. Originally penned for Britney Spears, the song is accompanied by a pair of music videos which were released earlier this month. The first features guest appearances by Eva Mendes, Arrested Development's Alia Shawkat and Eric Wareheim, while the second is a "director's cut" that essentially features the same thing in slow-motion, with a larger cast of "intergalactic beauties" getting "wet and sparkly." Sean Tillman will be returning to the Twin Cities for a show at the Triple Rock with Kool Keith this coming November 5. [via Spinner]

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