Miranda Lambert drives the ladies wild at Mystic

Fuck you, indie rock.

I'll never tire of defending country music. Never! You want to hear me go on, and on, and on about it? Give me a beer. Hell, I'll do it sober. You want to tell me about your rock band? Zzzzzzzzz... but hey, listen to me while I detail the finer points of that song Miranda Lambert wrote about cheatin'! And yes, you will listen. Read on.

Now if you've ever heard me ramble about this that or the other country musician, this decade last decade or otherwise, you'll know I'm not looking for any validation from you. I know this country crap is gold, pure gold. My love for it holds a very secure place in my heart. Friday night, I had plans to see Miranda Lambert, Nashville Star finalist and girlfriend of my favorite tweeter Blake Shelton when she stopped at Mystic, and I was gonna drag along my friend Andrew. Andrew knows a lot about indie rock. He was curious to see a casino show. Frankly, I expected him to flake last minute.

Photo by Nikki Miller
Now, I may not need my love for Miranda to be validated, but I know Andrew was a little more skeptical. Andrew knows a lot about indie rock, and he also knows a lot about people who write about it online--he works for this site "The Daily Swarm" which is, as I understand it, what they call an "aggregator." Or whatever. All I know is Andrew's always sending me shit he finds online. And he finds a lot of shit online. A few weeks ago Andrew sent me a link to this Twitter site, 1000timesyes, where some dude is doing 1,000 record reviews of 2009's new releases. Andrew was impressed with a tweet the dude had made about this year's big hot indie rock reunion: "Four Pavement shows in Central Park? What is the sound of 10,000 mouths breathing?" Andrew thought that was brilliant. I didn't get it. In any case, Andrew's skepticism about this country show I was dragging him to was briefly quelled when this 1000timesyes dude tweeted about Miranda Lambert's new album Revolution, out last week, review #703: "Miranda Lambert/Revolution: This is a rock album. Fuck you.#8.5." Apparently this guy doesn't review a whole lot of country, and in fact, the last record he'd scored so high was review #690, Horseback's The Invisible Mountain (who?) and, prior to that #622, Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (what?). Damn. Credibility! Fuck you, indie rock.

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