Naomi Judd: Rockin' the hep C since 1990


Well actually, she's been cured since 1995, but on this day in history, 1990 (well actually, in two days from now in 1990), Naomi Judd of mother-daughter country act The Judds announced that she would be retiring from performing because she was ill with hepatitis.

So you got all that straight? Naomi no longer has hepatitis though I said she was still rockin' it. I mean, she is still rockin' it - girlfriend looks good at 63, what with her fiery red hair! But she's no longer rockin' the hep C. And it was not on this day in history, 1990, that she announced she would be retiring - it was on October 17th. On thiiiiiis daaaaaay in hiiiiiistory just sounds better.

Sigh. I'll never make a very good journalist.

Anyway, this day was pretty significant for me, at nine years old, because my dad watched the preview of whatever television show Naomi was going to appear on to discuss the announcement of her illness and the fact that it was forcing her to take a break. On it, she must've said something about how she'd rather dance naked in front of a bar full of truckers than have to give up performing. Least, that's how I remember it. Anyway, my dad was going on about how he had to watch the show. "Why fer, Pa?" He wasn't that big on The Judds. He didn't watch entertainment news. He watched boxing and hunting shows and Johnny Carson. "Well, in case she takes her shirt off. I wanna see it."

The Judds.jpg

On thiiiiiiis day in hiiiiiiiiiiiistory, my dad became a sexual being in my young mind. I did some growing up. "Gross, Dad."

Well, Naomi didn't take her shirt off, but she did retire until about ten years later when she reunited with her daughter Wynonna to record a last single. The two have periodically performed since then. And now I'm taking the significance of this day's (ahem, Saturday's) history as my opportunity, on this li'l soapbox, to edjakate y'all about hep C, so y'all's don't get it. Because being responsible and healthy in lovin', doin' drugs and gettin' inked up (all modes of transmission) is important to me. Oh, and I'm gonna take this opportunity to turn you on to The Judds. Because, you know, I just feel I have to.

Mama, she's crazy!

No I ain't. I'm being deadly serious here.

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