Slideshows: Metallica, GWAR, and School of Seven Bells

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It's that time of year again: Rocktober. And we've been sending out photographers almost every night of the week to capture the action. Just last night, Metallica fans flooded the Target Center in droves of black t-shirts to catch the rock legends live, and Steve Cohen was on hand to shoot a slideshow of the band and their fans.

Across the street at the 7th St. Entry, School of Seven Bells played a headlining show of cool electro-pop with openers Depreciation Guild. Click here for a complete slideshow by Tony Nelson.

Evil transformers? World of Warcraft characters come to life? Or just another over-the-top stage show by GWAR? Stacy Schwartz was at First Ave Monday night to document the spectacle.

The reigning king of adult contemporary soft-rock, Rob Thomas, graced the Twin Cities with his presence Sunday night at the Xcel (where he also professed his undying love of local legends the Jayhawks). Here's a full slideshow of his performance, shot by Tony Nelson.

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