The Mayhem Poets perform slam poetry tomorrow night

Categories: Poetry
Slam poetry may not be for everyone. At least, that is what people may think. Over the years the performance art has achieved some notoriety, yet whether it has increased in accessibility is debatable. Enter the Mayhem Poets. This critically-acclaimed group combines hip hop, spoken word, and audience participation in a show accessible to anyone. According to their press release we received today, the group has been described as "The Simpsons meets Malcolm X at a Notorious B.I.G. concert." Really? Wow.

Intended for anyone 11 or older, the Mayhem Poets opening night is this Friday, October 16 at  7:30 p.m. at the Children's Theatre (2400 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.874.0400). Tickets are $22.50 to $32.50. Shows run through November 7. For more info visit or

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