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After I finished reading this week's City Pages cover story about Minnesota's own Chad Fjerstad -- better known as alt-porn star Vin Vericose - I couldn't stop thinking about two things:

1) "If I squint a little bit, I think I could still make that whole tossing off to Hanson thing work."
2) "How can I have an awesome porn name like Vin Vericose?"

(Author's note: In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, click here to read the awesomely erotic feature. Also, I was totally kidding about that Hanson thing. I mean, pretty much. Let's move on.)

Now, I've heard plenty of theories about how porn stars choose their names.  Some people have said that you combine your middle name with the name of the street you grew up on. Others claim that you should try to choose something sexy and mysterious (like "Savannah" or "Stamos"). But to get the real deal on choosing the ultimate porn name, I knew there was only one man I could turn to -

Vin Vericose himself.

Hey Vin. First thing, I LOVE the name. I've got to ask, you mentioned in the story where you got "Vericose" from, but what about "Vin?"

VV: When I was coming up with my name I wanted it to be kind of fun and roll off your tongue. I also thought it would be funny to think of the douchiest first name possible, and it just so happened that Vin Diesel was huge right around the same time, so I went with Vin.

Nice. So when it comes to choosing porn names, what are some tips for what NOT to do?

VV: I think of choosing a porn name the same way I think about getting a tattoo. You should either choose something that has meaning for you, or try to come up with something kind of funny and unique. I hate it when porn actors just take the names of two already established stars and combine their first and last names. Then you end up with guys named like, "Mike Tom" or "Joe John." I hear stuff like that and I think, "Naming yourself is an opportunity to express your creativity, and that's the best you can do?"

That makes sense. So in my case, something that means a lot to me happens to be the hit 80's sitcom, Family Ties. Do you think I could incorporate some aspects of that show into my porn name?

VV:  Yeah, for sure. If that show has a special meaning to you then I think you could definitely use that as inspiration.

OK, I've got one. What about instead of Michael J. Fox's popular character, "Alex P. Keaton," I could switch it up and be "Alex B. Eatin'"?

VV: I think that's a perfect porn name! I mean, some people would probably see that and kind roll their eyes or be like, "Oh my God," but it's definitely original.

Awesome. Speaking of major Hollywood hits, there are hundreds of porn movies out there that are spoofs of mainstream movies. If you could do a porn version of any popular movie of the past, what would it be?

VV: Me and my girlfriend have actually talked about this, and we think it would be cool to do a porn remake of The Breakfast Club.

OHMYFUCKINGGODYES. That's the best idea I've ever heard!

VV: Totally! I mean, we wouldn't have them still be in high school or anything, but if you think about the main characters in that movie, they're all sexually appealing in their own way.

Definitely. And the best part is that I think you could probably convince the real Judd Nelson to appear in the film.

VV: Yeah maybe, but I would try to force him out of his role. I think I would want to be Judd Nelson.

Don't we all, Vin. Don't we all.

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