Yo La Tengo tonight in the First Avenue Main Room

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They're the most critically acclaimed band no one listens to.

Well, that's not exactly true anymore. But it took a decade of 5-star reviews from Rolling Stone and perfect 10s from Pitchfork before Yo La Tengo became the household name it is today. And tonight, they're bringing their shoe-pondering alt rock to the Main Room.

What to say about Yo La Tengo that Spin magazine hasn't said 20 times before? Hard to know--Yo La Tengo has spent the last 20 years gently insinuating itself into the cultural vocabulary of musical eggheads with rock and roll of staggering invention. Few bands have exhibited a lesser sense of obligation to a genre or a single sound than Yo La Tengo. Equally at home with gauzy accoustic pop compositions as with ear-melting noise free-form, there's a reason Yo La Tengo has been every music critic's pet band for two decades.

If you acted with foresight, you paid $18. If you're a lazy, good for nothing procrastinator, who needs to get their lazy butt off the couch and go get a job, and a haircut while you're at it, or you can just forget about living in this basement rent free, you're paying $20.

Either way, it's total savings--Yo La Tengo is one of the most pleasantly unpredictable live acts modern rock offers. Tear open that velcro wallt and get swoonin'.

18+. 8:00 P.M. $18.00 advance/ $20.00 door. With Cheap Time. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.

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