Har Mar Superstar: The extended interview

Har Mar Superstar is in town to play back-to-back shows tonight and tomorrow night, the latter of which is a CD-release show for his latest effort, Dark Touches. To get ready for his show, we sat down with Har Mar, aka Owatonna native Sean Tillmann, to ask him some questions about his crazy rockstar lifestyle. In addition to the Q&A printed in this week's edition of City Pages, see below for some bonus questions in our online-only extended interview conducted by Chris DeLine.

Are you originally from Marshall or Owatonna?

I was born in Marshall and lived there until I was nine. Then, we moved to Owatonna. I stayed there until I was 15 and went to the what is now the Perpich Center for Arts Education. After that I stayed in St. Paul until I was 24. Then I moved London for a year, and I've been in L.A. for the last six years. At some point I lived in Chicago for a about a year. Can't remember when.

Do you still have any family or friends there? When did you head back there last?

My parents are still in Owatonna, so I end up back there a lot. There are a lot of good people there that I like to visit.  Just go to the bar at the bowling alley and everyone's there. Convenience.

What was the inspiration behind performing again recently with Calvin Krime at the Uptown recently? Ever thought about taking Sean Na Na or CK on the road again?

The people at the Uptown Bar contacted me about doing a Har Mar show before closing the doors. I was all excited to help out and get a chance to rock the place one last time. After I thought I about it a bit I realized that I never really did many Har Mar shows there. Calvin Krime would play, and during that era I watched countless bands through the window just dying to turn 21 so I could go in. I got a wild notion to get Jon and Jason to play a few songs, they agreed, and we rocked the encore. It was super fun. I would like to play more with those guys. No official plans. It was just nice to dust off the bass and scream. As far as touring goes, I'm always threatening to do more Sean Na Na shows. If we got a good tour offered I'd put the band together. It's kind of brutal on the road these days though, so no promises.

What sort of impact did Michael Jackson's death have on you?

I was really surprised. Michael Jackson's death was so sudden. I came out of a movie and heard the news. It didn't seem real. I don't think I actually cried. I was more relieved for the guy. He was under such constant scrutiny that it must have been hellish. I feel like he finally got a little bit of peace. I love his music and his life story is legendary. Anyway, I hope his dad goes soon. Motherfucker.

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