Mashups of the Week: Britney Spears & Duck Soup

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Word came this week that the Kleptones will be delivering a new album before the year is out. Trust me, this is good news. Potentially the UK group is best known for its album A Night at the Hip Hopera, a mix between hip hop (obviously) and Queen's A Night at the Opera which Blog Critics called, "This is a brilliant album, and a further condemnation of why the music biz can't find its own ass with both hands." Until the new album is complete you can download ANatHH here and a "beta version" of new a track combining the Prodigy, Pendulum and the Beastie Boys at the link below.

The Kleptones "Voodoo Sabotage" (mp3)

This week the Hood Internet's ABX tossed a bit of Consequence over one of the best club bangers of the past month, "aNYway" by A-Trak & Armand Van Helden's Duck Sauce project.

ABX "Anyway You Want" (mp3)

Every now and then the world sends a curious reminder that asks the question "what could have been had Michael Hutchence not killed himself?" In a time when Depeche Mode is seemingly back on top of the world, INXS (the post-Hutchence band doesn't count) might have potentially been right there with them. Here Xam just put together INXS' "Suicide Blonde" and "Need You Tonight" with Depeche Mode's recent single "Papillon" in what provokes one of the best "what ifs" in recent memory.

Xam "Suicide Papillon" (mp3)

britney kasabian.JPG

Britney Spears & Kasabian are the latest to get mashed by Tulsa's dj erb; the result is an unbelievably un-cheeky pop-rock mashterpiece (wow... that reads far kitschier on screen than it sounded in my head).

dj erb "If You Shoot Amy" (mp3)

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