William Elliott Whitmore shows 7th St Entry skinny white boys can sing

William E Whitmore 001.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller

"I dunno, he's kinda skinny."
"You wouldn't know he was so skinny from his voice!"
- Women assessing hotness of William Elliott Whitmore. At his show, November 4, at 7th St Entry.

I don't know ladies - he's not that skinny. Thar's a cute li'l beer gut I do say I spy. And he is pretty hot. He winked at me and I 'bout died, 'til I realized the Entry was packed full of ladies 'bout ready to die over the dude and I lost interest. Who can stand for such competition?

Oh, but that voice.

William E Whitmore 002.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller

William Elliott Whitmore is perhaps best known for his rough but rich deep-blues style of singing, which was what really shone during his stripped-down Entry set, set smack dab between sets by local country/folk-rock act Western Fifth and Philly-based roots band Hoots & Hellmouth. Kicking things off with his a capella rendition of "Cold and Dead" - and the sun will never shine on this cold dead heart of mine - Whitmore immediately set the tone for what could have been a somber performance, his foot stomping percussion, the dark post-daylight saving time night whipping us with its cold wind as we smoked outside. Bah. Naw. Whitmore's totally punk rock. After that depressing ditty he rolled up his sleeves to reveal a mishmash of tattoos, picked up his banjo, and began engaging the audience in his whiskey-infused banter.

William E Whitmore 003.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
William E Whitmore 004.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller

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