2009 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival this weekend

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(Cast and crew hard at work in Uptown, Minneapolis on the set of Living Arrangements)

As we approach December's big flick rush we may become increasingly cynical of the state of movies. The insincere tears, the ten pound fat suit, and the epic cinematography that is indicative of the Oscar season tend to make us feel a little jaded.

Thankfully Minneapolis Underground Film Festival offers something a little different.

The festival features three days of film totaling 45 movies both international and national (15 are Minnesota-made). The event is hosted at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2501 Stevens Ave. S., Minneapolis). Tickets are $49 for a weekend pass or $9 per individual screening. Also cool: Each movie is followed by a Q&A as well as a low-key cinema lounge where guests can hang with filmmakers and cinema buffs.

Check out these previews after the jump. See something you like? For more info, and for a complete schedule of parties and screenigns, visit www.minneapolisundergroundfilmfestival.com.

The Seducer (World Premiere):


The Seducer - Trailer from John Koch on Vimeo.

Living Arrangements:


Porndogs: The Adventures of Sadie:


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