5 artists who should have kept their pants on


Ah, the panty shot. The drunk dropping of trou. The first decade of the 2000s offered no shortage of tighty whities and bared buns. We don't complain about the be-nuding, ordinarily. We're leches and creeps here.

But there are some notables from the last 10 years that made us shield our eyes. Head below the jump for our picks of peeps who should have kept their zippers zippered.

Dear sir--send pants at once.

5. Lady Gaga--The matriarch of the unfortunately pantless. She's the Rosemary's Baby of half nudity--there's nothing explicitly horrifying about her, but for some reason you're just uneasy about the whole mess.

4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers--Por favor, senors. Keep the briefs on the buns and the socks on the feet.

3. MIA--She's got oodles of talent, infinite cred, and she's easy on the eyes. Why does she earn the nomination? Because she didn't have to and she did anyway. And now that she's a mother, will she really want this picture popping up on a Google search when MIA Jr. asks how mommy made her millions?

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