Green Velvet feat. Santiago & Bushido "Turn It Up" works in Prince line

Categories: Purple Reign
Jen Boyles for City Pages
Walking down 1st Avenue sometime in the spring of 2004, Green Velvet a.k.a. Curtis Jones pointed to several buildings downtown and, giddy on the potential of a Prince sighting, asked, "Does he live there? What about there?" Several times on our stroll he even started humming the very tune he's parodying in his verse in this new track. 'Dig if you will a picture / of you and I engaged in a kiss...' now becomes 'Dig if you will the future / of you and me in a club' on "Turn It Up" with Chicago fidget house phenoms Santiago & Bushido.

A snippet preview of track just hit Facebook yesterday. Check it out after the jump. In typical GV format, it's jackin' and bassline-heavy, just the way we like it.


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