Kanye West's top 5 guest raps of the '00s

The chipmunk soul joints for Jigga. The car-crash and the broken jaw. The paradigm-shifting debut. The political "Diamonds Are Forever" video. The outburst on the post-Hurricane Katrina Red Cross telethon. Donda West's tragic passing. The Taylor Swift upstaging that led President Obama to label Yeezy a "jackass." And much, much more, besides.
The aughts were producer/rapper/blogger Kanye West's decade the way the nineties were Quentin Tarantino's. On one level or another, the dude's been up, down, around, and in the face of everybody who hasn't spent the past 10 years dwelling in a cave. You couldn't escape him, no matter how hard you tried.
Since West's singles, albums, and productions have been endlessly poured over, we've decided to revisit his best '00s guest raps.

1. Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, and Twista "Slow Jamz"

Yeah, yeah: "Slow Jamz" appeared on 2004's The College Dropout, but given that it popped up on Twista's Kamikaze around the same time, we say that makes the track fair game. West's verse here was nicely cheesy-sleazy, nowhere near as nihilistic and crude as he'd later become, a chummy, horndog lead-in to Twista's Guiness Book-tongue tornados and Foxx's smooth roll-call of R&B-greats on the choruses. Choice verse: "Man, I swear she fine, holmes/Why she always lyin', though?/Telling me they diamonds, when she know they rhinestones/She got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson/Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson."
2. Brandy feat. Kanye West "Talk About Our Love"

Wow! Remember back in the day, when people cared about Brandy? No? Us neither. "Talk" is a sorta generic R&B post-Mary J. Blige banger - albeit limned with one of West's soul-patrol beats - about bullshit relationship rumors. (If you're a female singer, you're contractually obligated to have at least one of these.) Brandy's contribution is negligible to these ears, but Kanye's corny-yet-heartfelt retort somehow references Juwanna Man and Donovan McNabb without seeming gimmicky.

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