Stooges, ABBA to rock Hall of Fame

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The Stooges would like to thank the Academy.

This is something like Bert Blyleven and Brett Favre getting elected into Cooperstown on the same day.

Today, it became official--the inventors of punk rock, and famed Swedish disco band, who now spend their days collecting Mamma Mia! checks from their P.O. boxes, entered rocks "hallowed hall."

Nary a band rocked harder--ABBA.

We're definitely down with the Stooges. You can hardly put on a modern rock album without hearing their garrulous, gritty take on garage rock memes eking through.

But ABBA, we're afraid, just doesn't belong. Don't get us wrong--they're not a bad band. But we're among the vocal minority of folks who believe that Grandmaster Flash was also a wrongful entry. This is great music, folks. It's competent and influential and catchy. But it ain't rock and roll.

Of course, the hall has already perverted its own premise beyond the pale. Big Bopper? Frank Zappa? BILLY FUCKING JOEL? Fine. Step right this way, ABBA. Your table awaits.

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