7th St Entry competes with Main Room with noise, psych and sweetness

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Gay Beast 1.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Gay Beast

So. Here's the problem when you say you'll review the show that's starting in the Entry at 9:30 and you've been drinking in the Main Room since 7.

The problem itself needs not be stated - it's a drinking problem. You get it. The thing is, you have friends playing early in the Main Room at the Radio K Best New Bands showcase, or whatever they're calling it. You show up early. You see the first band, and drink a stiff First Ave drink. You know the kind. You see the second band, and drink a second stiff First Ave drink. You realize you are drinking on an empty stomach. Uh oh.

Come 9:30, you're in a predicament of being expected to say intelligent things about the opening band in the Entry, Total Babe. Ugh. But no big deal, First Ave sells pizza to absorb those stiff drinks, and no one expects you, the writer, to ever say intelligent things anyway. It's called setting the bar low for yourself. You do a pretty good job of that, Nikki.

Rather than attempting to say intelligent things, why don't you, the writer, take a photograph of this band, Total Babe.

Here's where you'll insert the photograph.

Total Babe 1.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Total Babe

Cute, right? This band is cute. Now that I've said it, it seems patronizing to call a band comprised of girls cute, and I don't mean that at all. They play very sweet and pleasant pop/rock music. Total cute!!! (Sober afterthought: Yes, I did make an attempt to play on their name by describing them as "total cute," and in my notes did accompany that thought with three exclamation points. For shame, Nikki!!!)

I ran into a friend after their set to ask what she thought about Total Babe, and she agreed: total cute. They sound to me like a band that would be on Afternoon Records. Are they on Afternoon Records? I should look into this, see how spot-on my drunk assessment is. Probably not spot-on at all. Is Afternoon Records even a label anymore? I don't know much, but I do like this band. (Morning-after research: Yes, Afternoon Records is still a label. And nice work, Nikki! While Total Babe is not on the label, they are on Personal Best, a label associated with Afternoon and headed up by Total Babe frontwoman Clara Salyer. Very impressive, drunkass!)

(Sober afterthought: Clara Salyer, at 17, is fronting a successful band and now working on a record label. You, Nikki, at 29 are drunkenly reviewing her show. Grow up, Nikki.)

DOTS 2.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Daughters of the Sun

Aaaaaand next up, Daughters of the Sun. The pizza has sobered me up a might bit, but only enough to want to drink more, and faster. A couple years back a friend of mine told me about this new band he'd seen, and that I'd really like them. I don't like anything much, really, so for a friend to say I'd really like a new band, well by golly, that really meant something.

DOTS 1.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Daughters of the Sun

And he was right. Daughters of the Sun became one of my favorite new bands when I first saw them play at the Turf back then. These dudes have undergone a bit of a lineup change since back then, but still retain the psych-groove vibe they've always had, and are tighter than ever since fresh off their fall tour. But enough about that. The thing I really want to note right now? Dude takes his shoes off when he plays. Hi, this is my living room, and I'm gonna take my goddamned shoes off. Stage at the Entry? It's my living room. So's the stage at the Turf Club, the Nomad. Wherever the hell I lay my feet. The other two guys, shoes on. But the drummer? The world is his living room. Right on, dude. Bare feet and all, two years later, I still like these dudes a lot. (Sober afterthought: Why I was fixating on drummer Bennett Johnson's bare feet? Blame it on the vodka. Nice feet, Bennett.)

DOTS 4.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Daughters of the Sun
DOTS 3.jpg
Photo by Nikki Miller
Daughters of the Sun

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