Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls dream of cousin sex

Photo by Nikki Miller
The self-proclaimed "first naughtybilly band evar," Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls dream of cousin sex. Of going gay for a gal with a nice pair of tits. Of drunken three-ways with strangers, videotaped for posterity. And sex in the posterior? Probably a little'a that, too.

Okay, to be fair, I don't know if the band, comprised of singer/banjo-picker Courtney McClean, bass player Max Bunny Sparber, backup singer Marne Gerdes, washboard-rubber/cowbell-tapper Coco Mault and guitar player Nicole Tollefson, dream of any of these things. But they do sing about 'em. And to be honest, they probably fantasize about a few of 'em, too. Who doesn't? I mean, even the cousin sex part. I did have a little crush on my cousin Tommy once. But before you judge me, know that I was only 'bout six, didn't know what sex really was much less that you weren't supposed to have it with your cousin. Good thing that never worked out, 'cause I hear he ended up in the pen anyway.

Photo by Nikki Miller

At their show at the 501 last Tuesday night, it was clear that these naughtybillies are on to something that appeals to the sensibilities at least of that night's crowd of heathens, laughin', hootin' and hollerin' as McClean lamented a partner's lame attempt at dirty-talk (wet pussy, hard cock), or sang a clever little ditty about a road trip up north to that town on the Red River that she had hoped would involve "More Head" (heh heh heh).

Potty-mouths and all, the Dirty Curls are still more cute comedy act than homage to David Allan Coe. You could take your momma to see the Dirty Curls. I wouldn't take mine to see David Allan Coe (though she did get to hear me sing "Fuckin' in the Butt" in near constant stream while I was home for the holidays. Sorry, ma, it was in my head). Take yours on down to check 'em out when they host the Rockstar Storytellers' Erotica Show at the Bryant Lake Bowl (Sun 1/31, 6:00, $12). You know you want to see your mom tap her foot to a song about McClean's favorite vibrator.

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