Lady Gaga talks about her new position at Polaroid

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As we reported last week, Lady Gaga was recently named as a new Creative Director at Polaroid, creating a stir in the Twin Cities because the company is headquartered in Minnetonka. Gaga showed up at the Consumer Electronic Show last week to discuss her new relationship with the Polaroid corporation, and an interview with CNBC reveals a few extra details about this new partnership and how the pop singer could breath new life into the corporation post-bankruptcy.

Lady Gaga was articulate and thoughtful, describing her strategy to tap into her "House of Gaga" aesthetic to bring Polaroid back to its heyday... She's going to help develop new Polaroid cameras and other merchandise, using her signature kooky style. Polaroid says it wants to launch a line of Lady Gaga branded products for this Christmas shopping season. Polaroid has said her product lines could generate as much as 30 percent of the company's revenues.
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