Modern Radio celebrates 10 years at Turf and Cedar

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Turf Crowd Chambermaids.jpg
Photos by Nikki Miller
Chambermaids perform at Turf Club
What do you get when you combine two nights of shows at two separate venues full of friends new and old with vegan cupcakes and cookies, discounted wieners, hot young groupies, masses of paparazzi and ten years of record label history? You get last weekend's Modern Radio 10-year anniversary celebration. If you didn't make both Friday night's show at the Turf and Saturday night's at the Cedar, you missed out on a lot of great music, fun times and a positive, affirming sense of community. More importantly, you missed out on free confections and, as promised, hot young groupies. Sounds dirty, doesn't it? Now you know you want to click through for all the sugary, sordid details.

Meat eaters, grab for the left.
First, confections! Ever the conscious label, Modern Radio's Friday night Turf show featured both oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and vegan snickerdoodles, baked with love by label partners Tom Loftus and Peter Mielech and presented alongside a portion of the label's catalog for sale at the merch table.

Modern Radio Merch.jpg
Modern Radio records.jpg
Modern Radio merch 2.jpg
Modern Radio customer.jpg
neil and bennett.jpg
Neil Weir (Chambermaids) and Bennett Johnson (Daughters of the Sun) munch free cookies

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