Rural Alberta Advantage draw in admirers at the Cedar

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Photos by Stacy Schwartz
There was a generous amount of mutual admiration on display Friday night at the sold out Cedar Cultural Center. A large, supportive crowd turned out for the Rural Alberta Advantage, and the band seemed genuinely thrilled to be playing in front of another Minneapolis crowd, a place where they have sold more copies of their debut record Hometowns than any other city in the U.S. Even though it was a surprising (to me, at least) seated concert at the Cedar, which hindered a bit of the show's early momentum, by the end of the night the entire crowd was standing to congratulate a wonderful, engaging performance by the Toronto three-piece.

The band played nearly all of Hometowns, as well as a batch of new songs during their 80 minute set, charming the audience not only with their stellar songs, but also continually complimenting Minneapolis (as well as the Current and the Electric Fetus, calling them both "treasures") and telling us how much they loved playing here. It was obvious that the band felt completely comfortable on stage, and their easy camaraderie with the crowd only added to the spirit and sentiment of their music.

Photos by Stacy Schwartz
After a rousing "Don't Haunt This Place" and "Luciana" got a good majority of the crowd on their feet, front man Nils Edenloff played a solo rendition of Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger," giving the song more of a coffee house sound while stripping it of any bombast. "Four Night Rider" and "Edmonton" were other clear standouts, while the recent catastrophic events in Haiti only added to the magnitude of the tragic lyrics of "Frank, AB."

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