Slideshows: Get Cryphy, Crystal Ball, and Lili's Burlesque

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Get Cryphy and Philly's EMYND ushered in 2010 with a bang in the VIP Room at First Avenue. Photos by Denis Jeong Plaster.

We had a photobooth set up at the Crystal Ball New Year's Eve party at International Market Square, shot by Denis Jeong Plaster. Were you at the party? Check out the photos here.

Photographer Jon Behm attended the first Lili's Burlesque show of 2010 and snapped a great collection of shots. Slideshow may be a bit NSFW, depending on where you work.

We set up a photobooth at last weekend's Too Much Love dance night at First Avenue, check out Denis Jeong Plaster's slideshow from Saturday's party.

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